Sunday, November 22, 2009


Aruba 001 Today we arrived in Aruba again.  This was one of the islands we visited when we went through the Panama Canal.  Aruba is an island with wonderful beaches, but because of where it is, it is also a desert with cactus and barren plains.  Right onshore is a big casino, of course we didn’t stop, Judy and I are not gamblers.  Trivia update: One  tie which we missed the tiebreaker, and one loss.   Last night was the Captains circle party and the people with the most days at sea had over 1000 which makes our almost 400 seem like Childs play. Now we have two more days at sea which will give us some final days at trivia and of course tomorrow…  FOOTBALL on the big screen, (pictures of the big screen tomorrow) Go Vikings!!

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