Monday, November 23, 2009

Another sea day

sea day2 008 I think we were ready for this sea day after so many ports in a row.  We slept in late and really enjoyed the extra sleep.  Of course it was football day and we did manage to watch a lot of it between trivia's and other activities.  Football was broadcast on the huge screen on deck 15 where they normally show movies in the evening.  Brett was awesome again today, go Vikings.  The entertainment aboard the Ruby Princess has been great.  We had three new productions shows that featured the singers and dancers and last night we went to one that I have probably enjoyed more than any other on any cruise ship.  It was called “I had a Dream” and along with great songs from the cast, the whole thing was a great job of video production, with great backgrounds and mystic scenes.  It is a show that I will look forward to seeing again.  We found out that we have to change rooms for the second half of our cruise, actually the second cruise, because it was booked separately and someone has this cabin on the next cruise, so we will be moving on up to Baja deck on the other side of the ship.  We just have to pack a few things and they will move it all for us. Tomorrow, another sea day with lots of trivia. 

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